About Elevate99 Web Design

Looking Great and More

When I founded Elevate99, I had been working with a number practices related to dentistry. I found that dentists needed a quality agency that could provide them a website that looked great, was well built and helped them to grow their practice.

Elevate99 has been founded to provide quality web design, development and digital marketing services to dentists.

We Believe in Better

Better doesn’t mean cheaper.
Better doesn’t mean cutting corners either.

Better means taking the time to create something that is very attractive. Better means paying attention to all of the details Better doesn’t mean more. Better means generous, sustainable, worthy. Better means connection and quality and opportunity, too.

I’m the founder of Elevate99 and I’ve been involved in marketing for over 30 years. The parent of Elevate99, The Story Web Design & Digital Marketing, was founded over 5 years ago. When I founded The Story, I just wanted to create good looking websites. But I found that wasn’t enough, we needed to do much more.

You Just Want To Grow

I have found that dentists are like most other small business owners. They don’t want to invest a lot of time or money in websites and digital marketing. Dentists want someone who can help them understand what their options are and how those options can help grow their practice. Dentists want a provide that they can trust will do quality work that will impact their practice.

I believe in delivering quality work to our clients. We ensure that we do this through

Delivering custom designed websites that look awesome. If you don’t like our designs, you can walk away.

Creating professionally coded websites

Helping dentists to understand how they can achieve the best success online

Helping dentists over time to maintain their website and their online success.

Elevate99 delivers quality work so that you can grow your dental practice.

Awesome Designs

Elevate99 is passionate about custom designed websites for dentists. We work hard to provide a custom A professional looking design lets.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We believe that, to be effective, you need to consider your digital marketing strategy in the design and development of your website. We are versed in all of the disciplines of digital marketing, including: Web Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, PPC Advertising, Copywriting for the Web,

Professional Development

We are serious about the structure (coding) that’s part of the website. We know the details that take a website from being good, to being great.

Professionally Written Copy

Good website copy should describe what you do, plainly and easily. It should also be engaging, create trust, be easy to skim and convince visitors to take a step to learn more or buy. Copywriting for your dental website should also incorporate keywords to maximize your ability to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

Elevate99 will work with you to get the professional copywriting you need to help grow your practice.

Our Team

Web Designers

We have a talented team of web designers who can create the unique look for your website that will professionally represent your company.

Our creativity will give you an awesome looking website that is carefully crafted in detail to help you achieve your business objectives and deliver you results.

Web Developers

Our web development team are experts at taking designs and making them work just right on the web. Most of our websites are developed in WordPress. We use visual builders so that our clients can take control of their website and make changes to the content themselves.

Attention to detail and a desire to develop it properly means that our clients get a website that is well designed and development.

Digital Marketers

In order to be successful online, you need a Digital Marketing team that can understand your business objectives and help you pull everything together.

We have expertise across the digital marketing spectrum, including: Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, PPC Advertising, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Local Search Engine Optimization, and Reputation Management.


Having quality copy that engages visitors and helps to build interest and trust is essential to a successful website.

Our team can copywrite or copy edit what you have written. We know that it’s hard work to create good copy. We are here to help you make it is so that people who visit your website book appointments.

Search Engine Optimizers

Some people have said that, “if you aren’t on the first page of Google, no one will find you”.

We have the expertise to get you highly ranked on Google so that you can grow your practice.


We understand that you need to make sure your target market can find your dental practice, whether it’s on Search Engines, in Social Media or other places online.

We work with you to understand who your target client and we select the optimal platform to reach them with.

Get Your Practice Growing

If you want a team of professionals that can build a website that can make a difference for your practice, schedule an appointment with Elevate99 today.