Web Design for Dentists

web design for dentists that enables you to grow your practice.

Custom Designed Websites

We provide professional ally designed websites. And we help you to build your practice through search engine optimization, digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, advertising, conversion rate optimization, branding, copywriting and advanced analytics.

People find go to your website to find out:

  • Who you are
  • What services you offer
  • When you are open
  • Where you are
  • Why you do what you do

Once they come to your website, they will make a decision about whether they will schedule an appointment with your practice. There are many factors that can influence them, including: the look and feel of your website, how well it’s written, how easy it is to find information about your service, how easy it is to see a map of your location, and testimonials of patients. The professionalism of your website can be the difference between any visitor choosing your practice or not.

You want to make sure that your website is appealing to visitors to your site, so that you can leverage your website to grow your practice.

97% of patients prefer to go to a dentist’s website rather than call the office for information.

1. Sesame Database Fact, Patient Preferences. Sesame Communications, October 2010

Focused on Dentistry

Our website design business is built to help dentists be successful in their practice. Elevate99 is here to help you achieve the business goals of your dental practice.

You Own Your Website

At Elevate99, we believe that you should own your website. With Elevate99, you aren’t stuck only dealing with us. You can take your website wherever and whenever you want. We want you to choose Elevate 99 because we offer you quality service that helps your practice to thrive.

Web Design Options

Elevate99 offers two options for your website design:

Semi-Custom Stock Websites

We offer a series of stock websites that are semi-customized for your practice. That means that we customize the images, logos, colour and images just for you. It.s a cost-effective way to get a great looking website that performs for your

Custom Website Designs

We offer fully custom designed websites that are designed by a professional graphic designer and then developed in WordPress. The look of the website is unique to your dental practice only.

Quality Web Design and Development

At Elevate99 we design and develop websites professionally. That means that your website will have:

Creative design

Well developed coding and site structure

The digital marketing strategies you need will be incorporated in to your website design and development.

Creative Website Design

Based on what you want, our professional designers craft a website that’s what you want. We guarantee it.

Quality Web Development

We take care of the details so your website works perfectly across operating systems, browsers and device types.

Digital Marketing Aligned

Elevate99 works with you to understand your business goals. We recommend what’s going to help your practice to grow.

Most dental practices don’t understand how a website can help them generate new business. We provide you with an understanding of your options and their impact on your business, so you can make an educated choice and grow your business.

Focused on Dentistry

You can get a quality, custom designed website in as little as one week.
Our process is designed so that you get the website you want. Your website will have an attractive design that you like and the site will be designed to get people to understand your unique offering and generate new appointments.
Contact us today to find out how we can get you up and running with a professional website in a week.

The Elevate99 Difference

Premium, Custom Design

Quality graphic design makes a statement about who you are. We provide you a website that you and your team are proud of. Visitors will find the look of your site professional, reassuring and compelling.

Quality Content

We don’t use canned content. We know that duplicate content is penalized Google and we are very concerned about your rankings on Google. We work with you to custom develop quality copywriting that converts visitors into new patients.

ROI Focused

Elevate99 understands that you are running a business. You need your investment in your website to provide a solid return on investment. We are here to help you grow your dental practice.

“Elevate99 has the proven experience and understanding of what it takes for a business to be successful on-line. Their focus on business objectives, coupled with their web design, search optimization and project management skills, make them an ideal partner for dental practices looking to improve their on-line presence and effectiveness.”

Bernie Schmidt

You are in Control

Whether we do all of the work or you do most of it. We assure you that you are in control. You approve the designs, copy and the site before it goes live.

We understand that most dentists want their website to produce results. We know that most dental practices don’t want to spend a lot of time on it – and you want results. We provide your with resources and services based on how you want to work together and the goals you want to achieve.

Elevate Your Dental Practice

An outdated website can mean that your practice is out of date.
Not enough patients mean not enough profits.
Elevate99 can help your dental practice to achieve your business goals.
Schedule an initial consultation today.