Copywriting for Dentists

Is OK Good Enough

Having OK copywriting for your dental website might be good enough for OK results.

Is that enough for your practice?

Are you getting the results from your website today?

Good Copy Sells

Copywriting is one of the keys to getting more new patients for your practice.

Dentists come to Elevate99 because they want a website that is professional – all around. They want it to look great. They want it to rank on Google. And they want great copy, that catches a visitor’s attention and gets them engaged in knowing who you are.

Our copy is focused on getting visitors to your website to act. You get more appointments and your practice grows.

We Do It or Do It Yourself

If you are ready to write the copy for your website – great. We do have some resources that can help you with writing your copy. Please check here for access to our copywriting resources for websites.

If you don’t have the time or writing isn’t your thing, Elevevate99 can write the copy for you. We know how to create copy that engages, develops trust, and gets new patients. We can ensure that your copy is optimized for search engine rankings too, so you get ranked higher on Google.

Our clients want the copy for their dental website to read as wonderfully and convincingly as content found in respected magazines or books. Dentists who are effectively managing their practice are understanding the value of a website that is professionally written and edited.

Copywriting and/or Editing

We can help you with your website copy in different capacities.


We have resources that you can use to help you write your copy for your website. Just ask and we can provide it to you.


If you write your own copy we can help you by editing it. We can provide the input you need to make your content stronger, more trustworthy and help you get more appointments from the copy you’ve written.

Full Copywriting

We create exceptional copy for you and we don’t need a lot of time from you to make it happen, so you can focus on your practice.

Whatever option you choose, our goal is to help you to be successful with your dental practice website.

The Difference

Having OK copy is good enough for OK results. Having great copy produces great results.

At Elevate99 we understand the big picture of your digital marketing strategy and how copywriting is a key component. We bring our professional abilities in copywriting together with our understanding of the needs of patients, digital marketing, SEO best practices, the buying process and conversion rate optimization together.

We make that connection between the needs of your customers and the dental services you provide. We do this in a way that creates interest and trust. We are focused on getting you the target customers you want so you can grow your practice.

No Duplicate Content

We know that Google penalizes (drops the ranking) of websites that have duplicate content.

How We Write Your Copy


We determine with you the pages you that you need. Then we do keyword research to help you position well with Google and other search engines.


We get to know your practice through a questionnaire an interview, so that we can make sure we understand who you are and what you offer.

Writing and Editing

We copywrite and edit content for your website. You review the content to ensure that it reflects you and your practice. And we add it to your website.

About Elevate99

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Make a Difference in Your Practice

If you are happy with a passable website, with just OK copy, you are passing up the opportunity for growing your practice. Make a difference in your practice today with a website and exception copy that will grow your business.

The key to a compelling dental website is creating original copy (meaning you won’t find it on any other dental website) that not only impresses potential patients, but impresses Google’s algorithm as well.

How We Craft Your Copy

Copywriting begins with you filling out a questionnaire about your practice and your philosophy. This information helps our copywriters know what they should be focusing on while creating your copy and serves as a jumping-off point.

We then schedule a call to review the questionnaire together and ask additional questions regarding what makes your practice unique.

Our Professional Copywriter will:

Speak with you via Skype or phone to ask you specific questions about your practice and learn more about what makes you unique

Write a sample of copy for you to review and then listen carefully to your feedback to fine tune the content

Add team biographies

Include relevant pictures of interest

Write additional copy where needed to flesh out your website and add

Send the content to you for your review, revision, and approval prior to your

Content Revision and Completion

Revision is an important part of the writing process. You know your practice better than anyone, so when reviewing your content, we ask that you please take note of any of the following:

Factual errors

We want to represent you and your practice correctly, so please point out these types of errors.

Personal preferences

Do you want to move some phrases around? We are here to help!


We want to use a level of language appropriate for the people who will be reading your website. What is your demographic? What level of education do most of your patients have?

Tone and feeling

This is the super-subjective aspect of your copywriting. We want to match the practice culture and capture the philosophy that represents your dental practice.

We will make your requested changes to your site after our follow-up consultation.

Once your copywriting is complete, you still have complete control over your content! A training session, after your site goes live, will prepare you to keep your content fresh and up to date.

On-Going Content Services

If your practice experiences growth, talk to us! We offer additional copywriting services on an as-needed basis. Adding service pages, blog posts, and frequently asked questions can increase your search rankings and offer patients additional details they are looking for.

Fees for this service are reasonable and dependent upon your specific needs. If you don’t love writing website copy, you never have to!

What Are Clients Saying about Their Content?

  • Awesome work! I am so pleased with the detail and the personalization. Great job!”
  • This is great! I like the tone/professionalism in the copy.”
  • Everything looks great! Thank you for all the time you spent on this! You’ve captured the essence of the office perfectly.
  • I love it. Thank you for listening. It really feels like you said what we feel. Thank you so much.”
  • verything looks great! You really captured the personality of our office!”
  • I like the tone and the style of the copy. It is well-written and I think it will be good on the site.”
  • This is very good. I really like the way that you expose the risk of leaving the condition untreated.”
  • Congratulations on a job well done. The copy looks great.”