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New patients are essential for the success of your dental practice.

Elevate99, can help you get the patients you need. We work with new and existing dental practices.

Make your dental practice goals a reality.

Getting New Patients has changed

How dentists get new patients has changed and is changing. Your Dental practice needs to reach prospective patients on the web. You need strategies for that get you found online. You need proven methods for convincing prospective patients that you are the dental practice for them.

At Elevate99, we understand the 4 pillars of new patient generation for dentists:

New Visitors: Attract Strangers and get them to visit your website
Lead Generation: Convert Visitors into Leads
Schedule Appointments: Leads become Appointments/Patients
Review Marketing: Patients become promoters through reviews

Results Oriented Strategies

Tailored to your unique practice requirements, business objectives and marketing budgets. We create websites that not only look good, but accomplish measurable, business results.
Smarter New Patient Digital Marketing
We are focused on identifying opportunities for your business growth.
We know how to take your world class web design and produce the results you need of new patients.
We use advanced tools to enable us to deliver the results your business needs
We understand how to reach your market in your neighborhood. We select the best channels to reach potential patients and reach them for optimum results.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Elevate99 is here so you can get more business from the web. Getting you a return on your investment is our priority. We carefully work with you to understand your business objectives, target market, service offerings and your budget. We recommend the strategies that will enable you to meet your business goals.

Digital Advertising

There are many methods for advertising your dental practice. Based on your digital marketing strategy, we select the best methods, including Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Facebook Advertisements and Promoted Posts, Remarketing, and others. We monitor the performance of each channel used in order to maximize each channel for the best return on investment.

Local SEO

Getting found on Google is essential to the success of almost any dental practice. Based on your service offering, local opportunities and budget, we provide the Local Search Engine Optimization strategies to get you ranked highly with Google and other search engines. Our SEO strategies include SEO audits of your website, OnPage SEO, content generation and Local SEO focused campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

We want to promote your dental practice with the right message to the right people. Our focus is to work with social media sites like Facebook, in order to gain attention and drive traffic to your website. We will work with you to determine what approach is best for your practice. This could include posting, boosting posts, advertising and boosting reviews.

Web Design and Copywriting

A professional website makes a significant statement about the professionalism of your practice. We combine world class web design with copywriting that is built to convert visitors into patients. We work with you to present your practice and the services that you offer in a way that gets you more new patients. We also make sure that the right keywords are used in the right way to impact your search engine rankings.

Reputation Management and Promotion

Getting reviews on the right websites can impact your business in multiple ways. 1. Your rankings on Google and other search engines can be boosted. 2. Shoppers for a new dentist are often influenced by online rankings. Our system helps your practice to get and manage lots of great reviews. We can also help you use great reviews to actively promote your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The process of getting more of your website visitors to take action to buy or move towards buying, is called conversion rate optimization. It costs time, money and effort to get people to your website. Conversion Rate Optimization makes sure that you website is making best use of every visit, maximizing the percent of people who buy.

Analytics and Reporting

Our analytics provides you with a full picture of how your marketing campaigns are performing. We provide reports that allow you to understand how each marketing channel is performing and what return on investment it’s providing your dental practice with. With our web analytics services you gain insight into what is driving new patients to your practice.

How to Get Started

Audit and Strategy

We take your business goals and audit your present practice and recommend the strategies to use.

Tailored Solution

We deliver what you want, based on your direction and marketing budget.

Get More Patients

We focus on getting you more patients. Through advanced reporting, you see the results.

Audit and Strategy

We take your business goals and audit your present practice and recommend the strategies to use.

Tailored Solution

We deliver what you want, based on your direction and marketing budget.

Get More Patients

We focus on getting you more patients. Through advanced reporting, you see the results.
9 Digital marketing Strategies for Dentists

How to Get Started

Free Resource on How to Improve Your Dental Practice Marketing:

9 Digital Marketing Strategies for Dentists

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About Elevate99

Elevate99 is focused on helping dentists to have successful dental practices through web design and digital marketing.

We provide the suite of services dentists need in order to be successful, including web design, digital marketing strategy, search engine optimization, analytics, digital advertising, review management and marketing, social media marketing, copywriting and more.

We are able to ensure that your patient data (ePHI) is protected with HIPAA (or PEPIDA in Canada) compliant contact forms, registration forms and review marketing.

Elevate99 can help your practice develop a professional presence on the internet and help you to grow your practice.

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