Our Process

Overview of our process

Here’s an overview of our process for helping your dental office get the website and the results that you want for your website.

Understanding Your Needs

Elevate99 works with you to understand what you need to make your practice successful. And work want to understand the look you want so we can create the website that best represents your desires and feel of your dental practice.

Creating the Project Brief

Elevate99 will create a brief that outlines what we will create for you and what deliverables we will provide. The brief will also outline how we will deliver the project. The goals of your practice and your requirements are described in the brief. All marketing activities that are (or will be) performed by you, Elevate99 or another party will be summarized in the brief.

Creation of the Site Map

Creating a site map helps us to understand what is required for your website. Elevate99 can then structure the information in a way that allows us to collaborate with you to ensure we are achieving the goals you have outlined to us.

Home Page Concept

The main focal point of creating a new website, is to get a home page concept that meets your expectations. Home pages are typically designed with the sections mentioned below:

  • Feature Image and Feature Statement
  • Features and Benefits your provide
  • A Brief overview of your company
  • Client logos, testimonials, or other things that help build trust
  • A compelling call to action
  • Methods to contact your practice

Designing the Inside Pages

Elevate99 designs pages and then developments. In this stage, we take your inside pages and design them in an attractive way that aligns with the design of your home page. This stage may include more elaborately designed pages, including landing pages, team pages, or certain product or service pages. This stage also includes designing simple pages too.

Development of Your Website

Once we have the designs complete and signed off, we develop your website. It sits on a draft server so we can make sure everything is working properly. We give you the chance to review everything and approve it. We test it across operating systems, screen sizes and browsers to ensure it works well.

Take Your Website Live

Once your website is approved, we schedule to take it live. We work to take it live, where possible, during off hours so any impact is minimized. You have 30 days to let us know any issues which we fix, free of charge.

Marketing Your Website

With your beautiful new dental website, we know that you want to make sure lots of new potential patients are looking for a professional dentist like you. We can work with you to select the right strategies so that you can get more new patients coming through your doors. We will implement services such as: Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Lead Nurturing, and Conversion Rate Optimization.